[Gc] Problem with Blacklist

Nicolas Cannasse warplayer@free.fr
Tue, 4 Nov 2003 00:12:56 +0900

> This may be a naive question, but why is a large part of the heap
> blacklisted?  (And what does "blacklisted" mean exactly?)  I'm asking
> because we're not using anything that I would associate with
> data".  Specifically, there are no image or compressed data.  There are
> string and pointers, though.

String is a typical "unterpretable data", that means that their contents
will never contains any pointer to another value created by the GC, so there
is no need to scan them for living values. You should then alloc them using
GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC instead of GC_MALLOC to reduce the GC scanning overhead.

Nicolas Cannasse