[Gc] gcc_support.c

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 10:12:37 -0800

You should almost certainly not be using gcc_support.c.  I just removed it
from the distribution to avoid further confusion.  It was there to support
an gcc extension which was never fully released.  I included it for a while
in the hope that someone might resurrect it or be able to recycle pieces of it,
and then forgot about it.

I haven't looked at the weak pointer class in gcc_support.c recently.
You may be able to resurrect it.  If so, it might make sense to extract it
and put it back in the distribution.  If you need simple weak pointers,
and don't depend on the precise interaction with finalizers,
GC_general_register_disappearing_link together with a pointer that's either
disguised (HIDE_POINTER or in preferably a GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC object) allows
you to do that fairly easily.


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> I am not able to use gcc_support.c as I get an undefined reference to
> __default_new_handler.    I can not find any mention of
> __default_new_handler anywhere else.  It sounds like 
> something that would be
> defined in the stdc++ library (but apparently is not).  Or am 
> I suppose to
> set this value to something myself?
> I get this error on both gcc 2.96 on linux 2.4.9 and in 
> VS.net 2003.  Also,
> in VS.net I get an undefined reference to __new_handler as 
> well.  And a
> related question, is gcc_support.c ok to use with visual 
> studio even though
> it's called gcc_support.c?  I am assuming so since it implements the
> weakpointer class.
> Thank you for any help with this.
> - Lee Faris
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