[Gc] QuickTime workaround (Boehm 6.1.2 + PLT hacks, Windows 2000)

Eric M. Kidd Eric.M.Kidd@Dartmouth.EDU
17 Nov 2003 15:38:20 EST

Since I'm running an older, fairly non-standard Boehm (it's been hacked for use with PLT Scheme), I'm not going to ask for help with this problem.  However, if anybody else runs across similar symptoms, I'd like them to find something in the list archive.


  * QuickTime 6 (various versions)
  * PLT Scheme with included Boehm 6.1.2 mods
  * Windows 2000


The garbage collector spends two or three seconds out of every twenty scanning the heap, even if the allocation rate is virtually zero.  A few systems show longer and more eratic pauses, including 20+-second pauses during GC initialization.  QuickTime movies tend to drop frames and lose audio/video sync.


Turn on QuickTime safe mode.  This can theoretically be done when the application initializes QuickTime.  So far, this seems to eliminate both the Boehm and the QuickTime performance problems.