[Gc] GC works great, but keeps to itself...

Alec Orr Alec.Orr@wbemsolutions.com
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 18:19:57 -0500


Exporting the GC_PRINT_STATS environment variable works great.

Thanks again,

Boehm, Hans wrote:

> Currently if you use configure, The macro SILENT always ends up defined, and hence
> no logging output is generated by default.
> If you define the environment variable GC_PRINT_STATS you will see the logging output that
> can easily be dynamically generated.  (This excludes some statistics which would require
> additional overhead in inner loops.  That code isn't compiled in, and hence the statistics
> aren't available.)
> GC_quiet is an override that turns off logging messages that would otherwise be
> generated.  By default, they're not generated.
> The combination of REDIRECT_MALLOC and threads is often a bit brittle, but it also
> seems to work on my RedHat 8 machine.  The problem is that the thread initialization code
> may call malloc, which calls GC_malloc, which acquires locks etc., which potentially requires threads
> to be at least somewhat initialized.  This is on my list of things that could stand
> improvement.  Use with caution in the meantime ...
> Hans
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>>Good afternoon,
>>We are using GC version 6.2 for LinuxThreads against a POSIX 
>>target.  I 
>>haven't been able to fetch any logging messages from GC, threads 
>>created, intialized, whether it's running, or when garbage 
>>are taking place.  We can see the SIGPWR and SIGXCPU signals 
>>in gdb.  I ran the configure with the following options (all 
>>on one line):
>>     --prefix=/var/tmp/gc62
>>     --exec-prefix=/var/tmp/gc62
>>     --enable-full--debug
>>     --enable-redirect-malloc
>>     --enable-gc-assertions
>>     --enable-static=no
>>In gdb we disable the signals GC uses:
>>signal SIGPWR nostop pass print
>>signal SIGXCPU nostop pass print
>>And we were hoping to see some statistics like the Java GC mechanism.
>>We have the GC_quiet = 0;  and have reset the GC warning 
>>handler to our 
>>own function, which hasn't been called either (GC's seems to 
>>run without 
>>a hitch that we can see, so this doesn't suprise me).  
>>Anything I'm missing?
>>Thanks for your time...
>>Alec Orr
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