[Gc] FreeBSD threads

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:06:29 -0800

I know that I've incorporated a number of FreeBSD patches in the last two years.
(See the README.changes file.)  My guess is that things should work reasonably.

Looking at the pthread_support.c code in the most recent GC version it does seem
to set GC_nprocs to 1, unless the environment variable GC_NPROCS is set.
I suspect there really is some call to determine the number of processors, and
it should be used instead.  Erroneously setting GC_nprocs to 1 is always correct,
but it may cause multiprocessor performance to drop through the floor.
(Parallel marking won't work.  More importantly, it may cause the spin lock
implementation to yield immediately, which is definitely the wrong thing
on an SMP.)


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> Hello,
>    I am attempting to port mono, which uses libgc, to FreeBSD 
> 5.1. In the 
> configure script for libgc, I see the following warning:
> AC_MSG_WARN("FreeBSD does not yet fully support threads with 
> Boehm GC.")
> However, this warning appears to be over 2 years old. Does 
> anybody know 
> the current/remaining issues with FreeBSD threads?
> Thanks,
> Rachel
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