[Gc] Using C++ Standard Template Library with GC.

David Jones dej@inode.org
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:41:09 -0400

I suppose I also need to explain how to use these allocators.

Normally, you use an STL container like so:

std::vector<Foo> FooV;

With allocators, you provide the allocator as an additional parameter to the 

std::vector<Foo, GC_collectible<Foo> > FooV;

Note the space between the '>' characters - it is required.

This gets to be a mouthful so I typically typedef things:

typedef std::vector<Foo, GC_collectible<Foo> > FooVector;

FooVector FooV;

Now, on GC_collectible vs. GC_atomic: If you don't know what you're doing, 
always use GC_collectible.  GC_atomic is useful ONLY for std::vector of 
non-pointer types such as int and char.  The other STL containers use 
pointers internally, so GC_atomic is NOT acceptable for these.

(And even std::vector uses pointers in that the typical implementation of a 
vector is three pointers into the allocated storage.  However, these pointers 
are not themselves allocated by any allocator; you can create vectors on the 
stack, etc.  If you allocate a vector on the heap, or inside a larger 
structure, then you must allocate said structure on a collectible heap.)