[Gc] Improving perfs on a multi CPU windows system

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Thu, 4 Sep 2003 12:19:27 -0700

I don't think autoconf helps much here.

This is a question about the targets which will eventually be used to
run the collector.  My understanding is that Microsoft supports compiling
on an XP system and targeting, say, NT3.1.  Autoconf can determine
lots of things about the host used for compilation, but that doesn't
seem to imply much about the target.

We could dynamically test what the target OS is, and issue the right call.
That would require some sort of "weak symbol" ability so that we can run
with an undefined (but unused) reference.  Does such a thing exist on


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> > > I changed this in my version, as you suggested.  Based on my 
> > > reading of Microsoft's documentation and a small amount of 
> > > experimentation, _WIN32_WINNT has to be defined explicitly to 
> > > reflect the target?
> > 
> > Indeed, this is why it is up to the person who compiles the 
> C code to add this in
> > the Makefile to ensure it is taken into account.
> autoconf
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