[Gc] Building on Solaris, 64bit & pthreads

Bernie Solomon bernard@ugsolutions.com
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 10:48:03 -0700

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I was trying to build and run gctest on Solaris 2.8
using --enable-threads=pthreads and configured for 64bits and found thread
creation failed. I tracked this down to missing prototypes for
GC_stack_alloc/free so the pointers got truncated. I attach a patch to
solaris_threads.h to add them - with this gctest succeeds with the
configuration I was trying.

Bernie Solomon

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*** solaris_threads.h	Wed Jun 12 16:25:27 2002=0A=
--- ../../../gc6.2/include/private//solaris_threads.h	Thu Sep 11 =
10:37:01 2003=0A=
*** 29,35 ****=0A=
--- 29,37 ----=0A=
    extern volatile GC_thread GC_threads[];=0A=
    extern size_t GC_min_stack_sz;=0A=
    extern size_t GC_page_sz;=0A=
    extern void GC_thr_init(void);=0A=
+   extern ptr_t GC_stack_alloc(size_t * stack_size);=0A=
+   extern void GC_stack_free(ptr_t stack, size_t size);=0A=
  # endif /* GC_SOLARIS_THREADS */=0A=