[Gc] providing memory information

Sean Middleditch elanthis at awesomeplay.com
Fri Apr 2 11:35:29 PST 2004

One of the libraries I'm working on currently is an attempt to provide
maximum efficiency for handling strings.  Namely, for applications that
just store/compare/display a lot of strings from a myriad of sources
(string literals, GCd string memory, non-GCd string memory,
stack-allocated buffers, etc) and want to avoid excessive unnecessary

I have said library working quite well, with the exception of some
fragile platform-specific code.  Code which, I might note, is already
used in the GC, of course.  I was hoping that perhaps some simple
functions could be added to utilize this information for libraries/apps
like mine that try to be intelligent with different memory "sources."

Namely, I'd like to see something like:
GC_API int GC_on_stack GC_PROTO((GC_PTR));
GC_API int GC_is_static GC_PROTO((GC_PTR));
GC_API int GC_in_heap GC_PROTO((GC_PTR));

Each of these would return 1 (true) if the pointer points to the
specified memory location (stack, static segment(s), and GC managed
heap, respectively), or 0 otherwise.

The general idea is that some apps need to handle objects in each
location slightly differently.  For example, objects on the stack or in
the non-collected (system malloc() allocated) heap have to be copied vs
just passing around a pointer since you can't control the lifetime. 
(Especially important when the pointer comes from code you can't modify
to be more GC friendly.)  Or, put another way, you can simply know you
never need to make a copy of data in the static segment or the collected
heap, since the information will never disappear under you.
Sean Middleditch <elanthis at awesomeplay.com>
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