[Gc] Hang on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Kenneth C. Schalk ken at xorian.net
Wed Apr 28 11:59:47 PDT 2004

Some more on this problem:

- 6.3alpha5 exhibits the same problem.

- Setting the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable to "2.2.9" causes
the old LinuxThreads implementation to be used.  This seems to
completely eliminate the hang, but also loses any benefit from NPTL
(which is supposed to be faster in a lot of ways).

- I've seen a number of messages that suggest that programs compiled
against the LinuxThreads header files won't work correctly.  Here's
one example:


For some reason though NPTL seems to be the default, the LinuxThreads
headers seem to be in /usr/include.  After finding the nptl-devel RPM,
I added "-I/usr/include/nptl -L/usr/lib/nptl" to CFLAGS and rebuilt.
This had no effect on the problem.

All this just brings me back to thinking that i must be a bug in NPTL
or the kernel support it relies on.


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