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Ben Hutchings ben.hutchings at businesswebsoftware.com
Wed Aug 18 07:17:52 PDT 2004

Wei Bing <bwei at dyn.com> wrote:

	I know the following fact:

	class test: gc_cleanup 

	new test[10];

	But the destructor is only called once not 10 times during
garbage collection.

	Is that correct? 

No, of course it's not correct! It's a bug which should be fixed. If I
understand things correctly, the GC only supports one finaliser per
allocation but gc_cleanup::gc_cleanup tries to register a separate
finaliser for each object and this fails for all but the first in an
array. Either array-new should be disabled in gc_cleanup or gc_cleanup
should somehow chain finalisers for the elements of an array.


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