[Gc] Potential bug in dyn_load.c

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon Aug 30 11:32:54 PDT 2004


Unfortunately, I'm neither an ELF expert, nor the original author of this
piece of code.

I've added a FIXME comment for now, explaining that this code seems
highly dependent on idiosyncrasies of old GNU tool chains.  (I'm
pretty sure I used to run this code regularly, so it used to work,
though I can certainly see your argument that that may have involved
some luck.)

If you have a patch for doing this correctly, that would of course
be preferable.  Is it even possible?  I suspect this was very
empirically derived.

Is there a significant danger of this failing only
intermittently? It doesn't sound like it to me.
If so, and if we don't have a patch, I can add a runtime warning
as well.


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> Hi,
> In the course of compiling libgc in unusual ways, I seem to 
> have found a
> bug in the GC_register_dynamic_libraries() function. In 
> particular when
> dl_iterate_phdrs is not defined (ie on a very old glibc system) the
> codepath taken segfaults because lm->l_addr is NULL.
> I know a bit about ELF and can't really figure this code out.
> GL_FirstDLOpenedLinkMap is looking for the DT_DEBUG header, 
> however this
> header is not mandatory. It's present in all gnu toolchain generated
> binaries by co-incidence, so it doesn't seem very safe to me. I'm also
> not sure what it's doing with the result: DT_DEBUG often 
> points nowhere,
> and this seems to the problem here as it returns a link map with an
> address of zero which is dereferenced causing a crash.
> I know why dl_iterate_phdrs isn't being used in my particular case and
> will fix it now but I thought you might want a bug report as this
> codepath is unlikely to be used often.
> thanks -mike
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