[Gc] GC_malloc bug?

Kees Cook kees at outflux.net
Tue Dec 7 12:52:34 PST 2004

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 12:24:11PM -0800, Boehm, Hans wrote:
> As always, a small test case would be great.  Alternatively, it would be

I tried trimming down the document size in Inkscape, but nearly any 
change I made would "fix" the problem.  I haven't been able to 
intentionally create this bug, so I've stuck with the one document that 
I have where the saved state produces the bug.  :)

> useful to also define GC_DUMP_REGULARLY (the environment variable).  This
> will generate much more voluminous output, which might be enlightening.

That output is giant.  Do you want me to mail it to the list like the 
last one?

> Are you using a larger GC_free_space_divisor?  A non-default GC_max_retries?

A quick grep shows me:


Didn't find any code for max_tries.

Kees Cook                                            @outflux.net

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