[Gc] Can GC return unused pages to the OS?

Alec Orr Alec.Orr at wbemsolutions.com
Mon Feb 16 14:53:26 PST 2004

Boehm GC 6.2 Release (multithreaded, POSIX, debug, no-incremental).
RH Linux 8.


Some of our embedded device C applications have a few operations which 
require a high one-time volume of memory, and then release it.  These 
operations are scheduled, and intermittant (occur once every few hours, 
or days).  Is there a way to explicitly force (or ask with strong 
language) the garbage collector to coalesce and return unused memory 
pages to the operating system?  It would be nice of this could be 
enabled/disabled using a toggle, but if that can't be done - so be it.

We realize there could be a high performance impact in doing this.
We realize this may not be possible on some platforms.

We already use the GC_dont_expand variable=1 , and strategic calls to 

Thank you for your time,
Alec Orr
WBEM Solutions

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