[Gc] A sample synchronizing external foreign threads - LINUX/PTHREAD

Alec Orr Alec.Orr at wbemsolutions.com
Tue Jan 20 14:20:35 PST 2004


Thought I posted this before Christmas, I see now I didn't (doh!). 
Attached is a small sample that demonstrates how to synchronize GC 
halt-go signals with external threads (linux/pthread library).

There are some things missing however:
1.  I haven't found a way to cleanly intercept pthread_detach() in a 
foreign module (meaning an .so, you did not build).

2.  I didn't place a GC_init() call anywhere in the sample since it (as 
I understand it) that's only required for threads which perform Thread 
local allocations.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to reply, and I try to 
incorporate them.

Hope this helps,
Alec Orr
WBEM Solutions

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