[Gc] Segmentation fault with incremental garbage collection o n opteron

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Thu Jul 1 17:22:05 PDT 2004

The attached patch worked for me in the single-threaded case.
Incremental collection is currently configured out in the multithreaded
case on Opteron.  I didn't check whether this patch solved that problem
as well.

(The patch changes the way protection faults are handled to one
which I think is guaranteed to work by SUSV3.  My plan is to use this for
most platforms in the next major release, ripping out most of the current
(rather disgusting) code dealing with protection faults.)


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> GC_enable_incremental() prodices segmentation faults on 
> Opteron/Linux Kernel 
> 2.6.
> Is incremental garbage collection unsupported on these machines?
> Andrea
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