[Gc] Solaris problem

Simon Johansson simon.johansson at ladok.umu.se
Wed Jul 7 05:42:09 PDT 2004



I have two problems. Hopefully someone can help me with this.


The first problem is this warning I get when running the program.


GC Warning: Insufficient space for /proc read 


What is this? Can I change something to get this to work as it should? 


The next problem is a bit more complicated I think. 


I get this error after running the program for a while. The program is a
POSIX C program running on UNIX and Windows and it is multithreaded and
using GC6.2. 


If I use GC_MALLOC_ATTOMIC I get this error:


#0  GC_malloc_atomic (lb=1656) at malloc.c:263

263             *opp = obj_link(op);

(gdb) where

#0  GC_malloc_atomic (lb=1656) at malloc.c:263

#1  0xa24ec in enqueue ()

#2  0xa293c in AddToUnifaceQueue ()

#3  0x7af54 in GetData ()

#4  0x7dd78 in Main_CT_Thread ()



If I use GC_MALLOC I get this almost the same error:


#0  GC_malloc (lb=1656) at malloc.c:303

303             *opp = obj_link(op);

(gdb) where

#0  GC_malloc (lb=1656) at malloc.c:303

#1  0xa24fc in enqueue ()

#2  0xa294c in AddToUnifaceQueue ()

#3  0x7af64 in GetData ()

#4  0x7dd88 in Main_CT_Thread ()



The code there I use malloc look like this.


           if ((p = (elem *)GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC(sizeof(elem))) == NULL)


                      My_Exit (-1, -1, "enqueue" , "Malloc misslyckades.");



Where elem is a struct like this.


struct elem{

           boolean ReturnData;

           HANDLE     UnifaceMutex;

           char *UserName;

           char *Pinghsk;

           DataStructType        d;

           struct elem *next;


typedef struct elem elem;


With a bit of luck someone knows what I shall do.






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