[Gc] GC with Borland

Starling, Patrick PStarling at osc.uscg.mil
Thu Jul 15 08:20:57 PDT 2004


I'm trying to solve some memory issues in an application developed under
Borland 5.02, using Borland's OWL libs for graphics. When I try to derive
various classes from GC so that they can be collected, the app likes to
bomb, but I don't get GC.log messages

Can anyone offer any advice? Are there any rules of thumb when using the GC
with GUI apps? The GC tester runs fine and says it works, so the libraries
should be working just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am
a student at an internship, and most of my co-developers are not experienced
with the software I'm trying to fix and cannot offer me much assistance.
Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

-Pat Starling

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