[Gc] modification for mingw

Димыч dimytch at all.odessa.ua
Sun Jun 27 05:37:40 PDT 2004

Hi, all

When trying to compile gc6.2 I do needed to change line 402 in win32_threads.c
for corresponding line in include/gc.h #889

// line #402 modified by Dimytch
GC_API HANDLE GC_CreateThread( <-with this it have been compiled
// HANDLE WINAPI GC_CreateThread( <-old
    LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpThreadAttributes, 
    DWORD dwStackSize, LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE lpStartAddress, 
    LPVOID lpParameter, DWORD dwCreationFlags, LPDWORD lpThreadId )

Windows2000Pro, SP3

$ mingw32-g++.exe --version
mingw32-g++.exe (GCC) 3.2.3 (mingw special 20030504-1)


Sorry for my English.

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