[Gc] Blacklist plausible heap extent heuristics

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Fri Mar 5 16:59:46 PST 2004

Thanks for posting.

There is definitely an issue with larger heaps and a collector built without
-DLARGE_CONFIG.  Probably the practical limit is at around 200 MB (see below), which
is less than I thought it was.  I added a comment to the definition of
LOG_PHT_ENTRIES which controls this limit.  And it may be about time to increase
the default again.

But in looking at this again, I don't quite understand the
comment about very large heaps.  Looking at the
alloc.c code, the next lines limit expansion_slop to 5*HBLKSIZE*MAXHINCR.
MAXHINCR is 4K for LARGE_CONFIG, and 2K otherwise.  HBLKSIZE is 4K on 32bit
machines.  Hence this limit should be 80MB.  (And the code guards against
wrapping, I think.)

Thus I'm not sure why you're seeing more than 80MB expansion_slop with a 350MB heap.
Did I miss something?


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> Subject: [Gc] Blacklist plausible heap extent heuristics
> Another issue that I have come across while investigating 
> memory use is the 
> heuristic used to determine that a given 32-bit blob is a 
> plausible reference 
> to a heap address.
> The collector will treat a blob that "points" slightly above 
> the current end 
> of the heap as plausible, assuming that the heap will soon 
> grow such that the 
> reference becomes real.  However, the heuristic used does not 
> work well for 
> me.
> Around line 927 in alloc.c a slop factor is computed:
>  expansion_slop = 8 * WORDS_TO_BYTES(min_words_allocd());
> I am not sure about the reasoning behind this heuristic, but 
> I found that 
> expansion_slop was just under 3x the total heap size for me. 
> For a 350 MB 
> heap, the plausible ending heap address actually surpassed 
> 0x50000000.  Once 
> you get to this point, the probability of an arbitrary 32-bit blob 
> "referencing" a plausible heap address is 0.25 or greater.  
> Uppercase letters 
> in strings in the text/data segment (root set) now 
> "reference" locations in 
> the 0x41000000-0x5a000000 range.  Once the heap size hits 1.5 
> GB (entirely 
> possible on a 32-bit machine) then effectively the entire 
> address space is 
> considered plausible.
> There are two consequences to this:
> 1. Unless -DLARGE_CONFIG is used, the blacklist cache will 
> alias a page onto
>    pages +/- multiple of 256MB from it.  Once the heap gets 
> over 100 MB, it
>    will start blacklisting itself to death as every page 
> tends to alias to
>    a blacklisted page.  -DLARGE_CONFIG effectively prevents 
> aliasing on
>    32-bit systems which lets you live until...
> 2. At 1.5 GB, again you blacklist yourself to death.  I have 
> not actually
>    tried this, as my machine is not endowed with that much 
> physical RAM.
>    :-)
> I am noticing plausible addresses over 1G for heaps in the 
> 350-400MB range.
> Given that FreeBSD/i386 supports by default 3GB user space, I expect 
> blacklist-related problems once my heap hits 1G, even with 
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