[Gc] question about mmap code

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Mon Mar 15 16:16:47 PST 2004

Hans> Based on a quick conversation with David Mosberger and a look on
Hans> the web, the glibc spec possibly agrees with SUSV3 (there is
Hans> some ambiguity), but Linux does not replace mappings unless
Hans> MAP_FIXED is specified.  Furthermore this interpretation of
Hans> SUSV3 or the glibc spec makes no sense to either of us; I can
Hans> think of no case in which you want the system to replace an
Hans> existing mapping based on "a suggestion" of an address.

Me neither.  I didn't actually try a test program, I just read what
was in the manual, so for all I know, the manual is incorrect or out
of date.  I'm re-creating my setup so I can look into this bug more
closely.  I'll also write a test program to see if we really do unmap
previously mappings.


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