[Gc] problem with boehm-gc on NetBSD/m68k

Hubert Feyrer hubert.feyrer at informatik.fh-regensburg.de
Wed Mar 31 13:45:35 PST 2004


we can't seem to get boehm-gc build properly on the M68K platform in
NetBSD, and lacking some intimate understanding of the internals this
seems not possible to fix (for me :). The problem is documented at
and if someone had a clue on how to get boehm-gc compiling _and_ working
('gmake check') on an m68k platform, that would be welcome to know.
I've done my debugging documented in the PR with boehm-gc 6.2 on a
NetBSD/amiga (m68k) platform running NetBSD 1.6.2.


 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <hubert at feyrer.de>

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