[Gc] Re: GC issue in mono 0.31

Hans Boehm Hans.Boehm at hp.com
Wed May 5 17:14:38 PDT 2004


The address range that's passed to GC_add_roots_inner is clearly much too large.

Could you also print __data_start and _end at the call to GC_add_roots_inner?
(They're both declared as arrays.  I want the address, not the elements.)
If that's indeed where the two arguments are coming from, then we fairly
clearly have a linker issue.

I put gc6.3alpha6 on the web site.  Hopefuly the other 2.6 problem should
disappear with that.


On Thu, 6 May 2004, Nikolai Zhubr wrote:

> Hello Hans,
> You are right probably that there are actually two separate
> problems (I was lucky enough to hit both).
> Returning to dynamic linking issue, attached is the output
> with GC_add_roots_inner arguments included + /proc/<mono>/maps.
> (Some addresses have probably changed somewhat, so it might not
> exactly match previously posted nm output)

Hans Boehm
(hboehm at hpl.hp.com)

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