[Gc] Collection frequency

Clyde Kessel clyde at progress.com
Thu May 6 09:31:50 PDT 2004

We are adding the garbage collector to a product built with C++ on

The product allocates scads of small objects and your garbage collector
seems to gather them up quite nicely, thankyou.

This question relates to choosing the correct frequency to run the
non-incremental collections.  Currently, in order to minimize overhead,
the collector runs less frequently as the heap grows.  That may minimize
overhead, but it seems to miss the point.  As the heap grows, the risk
of over committing real memory increases, and the need for collections
increases.  I even worry about an instability in the current system, as
the heap grows, collections diminish, causing the heap to grow

Is there a way to change or tune the algorithms to get a behavior which
takes into account these problems (and keeps overhead small :-)?

- clyde

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