[Gc] FW: Possible problem with gc6.3alpha5 version of collector (MacOS X)

Brian Alliet brian at brianweb.net
Wed May 12 18:34:13 PDT 2004

From: Baker, GJ (Gareth) [mailto:G.J.Baker at dl.ac.uk]

> To get threading working I
> had to make a minor modification to gc_priv.h. The logic at the bottom 
> of
> this file which sets SIG_SUSPEND was causing an 'undefined variable
> SIGRTMIN' error when I compiled pnet on my MacOSX v10.3.3 system. A 
> bit of
> investigation indicated that SIGRTMIN is not defined anywhere in the 
> Mac OS.

You're right. SIGRTMIN isn't defined in Darwin, however, SIG_SUSPEND 
should never be used on Darwin so this isn't a problem. I'm willing to 
bet GC_DARWIN_THREADS isn't getting defined in the build process 
somehow. The autoconf configure script properly defines this but if 
you're building with Makefile.direct or something it may not be. The 
standard pthread suspend code is broken on Darwin so you certainly 
don't want to be using that.


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