[Gc] GC_register_disappearing_link

Hans Van den Eynden hans.vandeneynden at pandora.be
Thu Nov 4 07:24:16 PST 2004


I am trying to understand the working of the GC. Something is not clear 
to my.
In gc_cpp.h there is:
"An object is considered "accessible" by the collector if it can be 
reached by a path of pointers from static variables, automatic
variables of active functions, or from some object with clean-up 
enabled; pointers from an object to itself are ignored."


"Thus, if objects A and B both have clean-up functions, and A points at 
B, B is considered accessible.  After A's clean-up is invoked and its
storage released, B will then become inaccessible and will have its 
clean-up invoked.  If A points at B and B points to A, forming a
cycle, then that's considered a storage leak, and neither will be 
collectable.  See the interface gc.h for low-level facilities for
handling such cycles of objects with clean-up."

This text in gc.h is rather confusing:

/* The following routine may be used to break cycles between    */
/* finalizable objects, thus causing cyclic finalizable        */
/* objects to be finalized in the correct order.  Standard    */
/* use involves calling GC_register_disappearing_link(&p),    */
/* where p is a pointer that is not followed by finalization    */
/* code, and should not be considered in determining         */
/* finalization order.                        */
GC_API int GC_register_disappearing_link GC_PROTO((GC_PTR * /* link */));
    /* Link should point to a field of a heap allocated     */
    /* object obj.  *link will be cleared when obj is    */
    /* found to be inaccessible.  This happens BEFORE any    */
    /* finalization code is invoked, and BEFORE any        */
    /* decisions about finalization order are made.        */
    /* This is useful in telling the finalizer that     */
    /* some pointers are not essential for proper        */
    /* finalization.  This may avoid finalization cycles.    */
    /* Note that obj may be resurrected by another        */
    /* finalizer, and thus the clearing of *link may    */
    /* be visible to non-finalization code.          */
    /* There's an argument that an arbitrary action should  */
    /* be allowed here, instead of just clearing a pointer. */
    /* But this causes problems if that action alters, or     */
    /* examines connectivity.                */
    /* Returns 1 if link was already registered, 0        */
    /* otherwise.                        */
    /* Only exists for backward compatibility.  See below:    */

gc_cpp says that an object is accessible if been pointed to from an 
collectable object with a clean-up function. So how can 
solve this?? GC_register_disappearing_link will only clear *link if it 
is inaccesible.


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