[Gc] heap overflow

Hans Van den Eynden hans.vandeneynden at pandora.be
Tue Nov 9 23:30:42 PST 2004

So it's possible to override the link pointer with a function pointer 
and in that way to run you own code??
Where are the page headers placed in memory. Are they laying before the 
actual heap or behind??
I ask this because if it lays after the heap it also can be overriden by 
a bufferoverflow?

I only ask all this for my thesis. I have to study the GC and what it 
prevents (dangling pointers, memory leaks) and what the vulnerabilities are.

Boehm, Hans wrote:

>There is no explicit structure declaration for an object.  At that
>point memory is viewed as a sequence of words.  The link field
>resides in the first word of an object.  There are no other predefined
>fields in an object allocated by GC_MALLOC.  And the link field is
>reused once the object is allocated.
>Yes, the link field can be overwritten
>by a buffer overflow, if you are programming in C or C++.
>So can anything else.  That's a hazard of using those
>languages.  Defining GC_DEBUG and
>allocating with GC_MALLOC makes this less likely for accidental
>overflows, but certainly doesn't prevent it.  It's the client's
>responsibility to prevent it.
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>>The description of the  Sweep phase says:
>>"Nonempty small object pages are swept when an allocation attempt 
>>encounters an empty free list for that object size and kind. 
>>Pages for 
>>the correct size and kind are repeatedly swept until at least 
>>one empty 
>>block is found. Sweeping such a page involves scanning the mark bit 
>>array in the page header, and building a free list linked through the 
>>first words in the objects themselves. This does involve touching the 
>>appropriate data page, but in most cases it will be touched only just 
>>before it is used for allocation. Hence any paging is essentially 
>>unavoidable. "
>>But if there is a linked list throught the first words in the object, 
>>this pointers could be overridden by an bufferoverflow?
>>Where can i find the struct of the object itself. How is the object 
>>itself intern constructed (the inner structure)??
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