[Gc] gc7 and 64-bit platforms

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue Nov 16 11:22:09 PST 2004

It seems to me that the ABI documentation for the platform should
really specify were function arguments are stored.  If those locations
are not easily readable, I think you're stuck.  But that would be rather
strange, especially since a debugger can presumably get to them.

Another alternative is to use a debugger to step to the GC_malloc call
that ends up reallocating an in-use object, and look around and see where
the original pointer to that object is stored.


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> From: Peter Colson [mailto:pcolson at connexus.net.au]
> Unfortunately it bombed in exactly the same way as gc6.3 with the 
> failure to mark from parameters. Again a platform deficiency 
> that we're 
> going to need to resolve (in the GC_push_regs area, I guess) 
> before we 
> can really progress any further (with either version).
> Regards,
> Peter Colson.

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