[Gc] experimental/gc7.0alpha1.tar.gz

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue Nov 23 11:21:52 PST 2004


I merged those into my tree.


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> Hans Boehm wrote:
> > I put gc7.0alpha1.tar.gz on the web site.
> > 
> > This release is only for people working on additions to the GC,
> > etc.  This release is BROKEN ON MOST PLATFORMS.  It superficially
> > appears to work on Linux/X86 and Linux/IA64.  It ran not too long
> > ago on Cygwin.  It probably works on nothing else.  It currently
> > builds only with the old "make test" (Makefile.direct) approach.
> There's a bug in GC_generic_malloc_inner: the variable "lg" is not 
> initialised in the large object case, randomising 
> GC_bytes_allocd.  I've 
> attached a patch that I think fixes this.
> I've attached a second patch that makes the GC work on 
> Win32/x86, to the 
> extent of passing the tests.  The makefiles for Windows still 
> need to be 
> changed to add the atomic_ops directory to the header search path; I 
> haven't done that because we build from VC++ project files instead.
> Ben.

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