[Gc] GC_malloc bug?

MenTaLguY mental at rydia.net
Sun Nov 28 22:33:56 PST 2004

With Inkscape, we've been having trouble with hangs resulting from
GC_malloc() going into apparently infinite loops, calling
GC_collect_or_expand() repeatedly.  It seems to be more common on
Windows than Linux, but happens on both platforms.

The heap isn't normally particularly large at the time (maybe 15MB), and
in our case we also have GC_no_dls turned on, so there really shouldn't
be that much to trace.

The one slightly unusual thing we do is that we currently allocate a
very large number of small objects with GC_malloc_uncollectable(); I
don't know whether that is likely to create a pathological case for the

We're using libgc 6.3; can anyone give me advice for further diagnosing
the problem?

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