[Gc] Setjmp_t meaning

Peter Colson pcolson at connexus.net.au
Tue Oct 19 23:55:03 PDT 2004

Concerning the setjmp_t test program, I'm trying to understand how this 
program determines that GC_generic_push_regs can/cannot work on a given 

My understanding is that setjmp() saves registers into the jmpbuf. When 
longjmp() occurs if the var x contains the value 2 set prior to the 
longjmp, rather than the 1 that it contained prior to setjmp, we can't 
use the generic routine.

Why is that? What has just been indicated here.

I'm trying to understand this for porting libgc to a platform that 
indicates the generic version won't work.

Peter Colson.

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