[Gc] __libc_stack_end not weak

Kenneth C. Schalk ken at xorian.net
Thu Oct 21 16:12:20 PDT 2004

> I'm building version 6.1 of the GC on a Debian system which is a
> mixture of woody and sarge.  I am trying to run the complete
> executable on a Red Hat system (a chroot environment based on RHEL
> 3.0), but the dynamic linker reports:

I've seen the same thing in a similar situation.  (I do my builds
using Vesta, which chroots each compilation for dependency analysis
purposes.)  I've been forced to patch the gc sources to not reference
__libc_stack_end at all for precisely this reason (binaries not being
portable between different glibc versions).  (I saw this when taking
binaries built under Debian woody and running them on a Debian sarge
system.)  All the programs I build that use the collector therefore
fall back on the /proc method Hans mentioned.

There was some brief e-mail discussion long ago with the glibc
developers on this, and IIRC they said "that's an internal symbol,
don't use it".


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