[Gc] Solaris and pthread problem

Simon Johansson simon.johansson at ladok.umu.se
Thu Sep 2 04:49:12 PDT 2004



I have asked before almost the same question but now I try one more time.


I hope that some can tell me what I am doing wrong.


I have this small thread program that look like this:


#include <ctype.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <pthread.h>


#include <gc.h>

#define malloc(x) GC_malloc(x)

#define calloc(n,x) GC_malloc((n)*(x))

#define realloc(p,x) GC_realloc((p),(x))

#define free(x) (x)=NULL


pthread_attr_t uniface_attr_t;

pthread_t uniface_t;



void* do_uniface (void* loop)



 char *a= malloc(10000);






int main(void)



        int loop = 0;

        int result;

        int *th;




        th =(int*) malloc(4);


        pthread_attr_init(&uniface_attr_t); /* initialize attr with default
attributes */





                *th = loop;


                result = pthread_create (&uniface_t, &uniface_attr_t,
do_uniface , th);


                if(result != 0)


                        printf("Could not create thread");





                fprintf (stderr,"\n%d: ",loop);







I compile it like this:


gcc -g -I/home/ping/usr/new/gc6.3/sun/include
-L/home/ping/usr/new/gc6.3/sun/lib/ -lgc -DGC_PTHREAD -DTHREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC


After running the program I always get this error.


#0  0xff36563c in GC_my_stack_limits () at solaris_threads.c:667

667         register size_t stack_size = me -> stack_size;

(gdb) where

#0  0xff36563c in GC_my_stack_limits () at solaris_threads.c:667

#1  0xff365258 in GC_old_stacks_are_fresh () at solaris_threads.c:556

#2  0xff360654 in GC_read_dirty () at os_dep.c:3225

#3  0xff358028 in GC_initiate_gc () at mark.c:237

#4  0xff34bd90 in GC_stopped_mark (stop_func=0xff34ac98
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:505

#5  0xff34b7c8 in GC_try_to_collect_inner (stop_func=0xff34ac98
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:367

#6  0xff34d234 in GC_collect_or_expand (needed_blocks=3, ignore_off_page=0)
at alloc.c:998

#7  0xff355578 in GC_alloc_large (lw=2501, k=1, flags=0) at malloc.c:60

#8  0xff355c34 in GC_generic_malloc (lb=10000, k=1) at malloc.c:204

#9  0xff3560c4 in GC_malloc (lb=10000) at malloc.c:311

#10 0x109c0 in do_uniface (loop=0x47ff8) at /home/ping/testenv/U83:18

(gdb) print me

$1 = 0x0

(gdb) print *me

Cannot access memory at address 0x0



So ME is 0. 


The next step I took was to replace the -DGC_PTHREAD with


When running the program I will get this error.


GC Warning: Insufficient space for /proc read

unexpected mark stack overflow


#0  0xff1d9764 in __sigprocmask () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1

(gdb) where

#0  0xff1d9764 in __sigprocmask () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1

#1  0xff1ce978 in _resetsig () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1

#2  0xff1ce118 in _sigon () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1

#3  0xff1d1158 in _thrp_kill () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1

#4  0xff24b9dc in raise () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1

#5  0xff2358fc in abort () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1

#6  0xff35e5f8 in GC_abort (msg=0xff369dd0 "unexpected mark stack overflow")
at misc.c:1071

#7  0xff359f38 in GC_push_all (bottom=0xbbd84000 "", top=0xbbd85000 "") at

#8  0xff35ab08 in GC_push_all_stack (bottom=0xbbd84000 "", top=0xbbd85000
"") at mark.c:1519

#9  0xff35a084 in GC_push_selected (bottom=0xbbd84000 "", top=0xbbea4000
<Address 0xbbea4000 out of bounds>,

    dirty_fn=0xff360af8 <GC_page_was_ever_dirty>, push_fn=0xff35aac4
<GC_push_all_stack>) at mark.c:1246

#10 0xff365cd4 in GC_push_all_stacks () at solaris_threads.c:717

#11 0xff36028c in GC_default_push_other_roots () at os_dep.c:2045

#12 0xff35cd80 in GC_push_roots (all=1, cold_gc_frame=0xffbef364 "") at

#13 0xff358694 in GC_mark_some (cold_gc_frame=0xffbef364 "") at mark.c:326

#14 0xff34bfe8 in GC_stopped_mark (stop_func=0xff34ae0c
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:520

#15 0xff34b93c in GC_try_to_collect_inner (stop_func=0xff34ae0c
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:367

#16 0xff34d368 in GC_collect_or_expand (needed_blocks=1, ignore_off_page=0)
at alloc.c:998

#17 0xff34d75c in GC_allocobj (sz=20, kind=1) at alloc.c:1073

#18 0xff355a3c in GC_generic_malloc_inner (lb=75, k=1) at malloc.c:136

#19 0xff34f8b0 in GC_debug_generic_malloc_inner (lb=48, k=1) at

#20 0xff3656dc in GC_new_thread (id=872) at solaris_threads.c:586

#21 0xff363a3c in GC_pthread_create (new_thread=0x20d4c, attr_in=0x20d40,
thread_execp=0x10950 <do_uniface>,

    arg=0xff160ff8) at solaris_pthreads.c:155

#22 0x109f4 in main () at /home/ping/testenv/U83:40



So now I don't know what to test or try.


I am using GC6.3 and Solaris 8 on sparc system. 


When compiling GC I am using the following parameters -enable-threads=posix
--enable-thread-local-alloc --enable-parallel-mark.


Hopefully there is some one that can explain way this is not working and
what I shall do to make it work.





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