[Gc] GC needs to be invoked manually

Martin Wartens martin.wartens at mymail.ch
Mon Aug 8 15:46:43 PDT 2005

in my program the GC refuses to collect anything which causes the program
to use unlimited amounts of memory. I can "fix" this only by placing a
forced GC_gcollect in the inner loop of the program. I am using the 6.5
version with C++, VC7.1, WinXP. All my classes derive from gc_cleanup. I
have already learned today that it is impossible to have pointers in
built-in arrays, so I removed them all. I have pointers in various standard
containers, and I remembered to give the traceable_allocator to all of them
[but this most likely solves only the opposite problem, a premature
collection]. Now I have no clue what can be wrong, and I don't know for
which error pattern I have to look. Help please.
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