[Gc] Usage of gc 6.3 in VS6

Lutz Feldgen feldgen at flexsecure.de
Wed Feb 16 06:48:44 PST 2005

Hi again,

I just tried to create a release-version of my software because this
error maps to debug-versions new[]

Here I get the following:

new_gc_alloc.h(354) : error C2144: syntax error : missing ';' before
type 'simple_alloc'
new_gc_alloc.h(354) : error C2501: '__STL_BEGIN_NAMESPACE' : missing
storage-class or type specifiers
new_gc_alloc.h(354) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found

I tried to resolve these errors but was not successful at all ;(


Lutz Feldgen

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I am trying to include gc to my application written in C++ with Visual
Studio 6.

I compiled gc with "nmake" in Windows with NT_MAKEFILE, added the
resulting gc.lib and most of the headers to my project.

Unfortunately the VS6 compiler in debug mode complains about

warning C4273: 'new' : inconsistent dll linkage.  dllexport assumed.

This warning points to gc_cpp.h

 // This new operator is used by VC++ in case of Debug builds !
 void* operator new(  size_t size,
		      int ,//nBlockUse,
		      const char * szFileName,
		      int nLine );

But there is also a

 void *operator new[]( size_t size );

My code which calls the "new" is:

	int number = 10;
	PCCERT_CONTEXT p_certificateArray = new PCCERT_CONTEXT[number];

What is going wrong here?

Any help is appreciated!

Lutz Feldgen

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