[Gc] running GC only on demand

Bojan Sernek bojan.sernek at tehnotek.si
Thu Feb 24 00:52:13 PST 2005

    I may need this becouse I'm programming 3d simulation software in C++, 
and (not that I have any solid proof or anything) I expect that running 
garbage collections on a huge database (~400k refs, ~70k objects, 500 megs 
alloc'd - these are stats from a friend's similar project) will probably 
take more than 1/30 of a second. So, I'm currently asking around, before 
that acually happens in my project (I have about 4 or 5 months) and looking 
for solutions - one of them could probably be to only do a GC only when I 
see it fit (viewers being still and looking at walls would be a great 

    Any alternative ideas are, ofcourse, very much appreciated. By the way, 
my program crashes miserably if I enable incremental GC. Looking at the 
debugger, it just happens on one of the perfectly valid alloc's. I'm on 
win32 - msvc 7.1 - GC6.3, using the C++ wrapper for the gc.

Bojan Sernek. 

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