[Gc] Re: [Inkscape-devel] Re: [Inkscape-user] loading large files

MenTaLguY mental at rydia.net
Thu Jan 27 21:46:07 PST 2005

I think I just succeeded in replicating gavin's hang.  It's our old
friend the infinite (or at least very long...) loop calling
GC_collect_or_expand() repeatedly.

I think perhaps I am going to try an alternate implementation of

With a massive document like Gavin's the present implementation is
essentially creating several hundred thousand individual GC roots (one
gc_malloc_uncollectable()ed shim per object), which might not be such a
good thing for the collector.

I am going to CC the libgc mailing list in case Hans wants to reassure
me that allocating so many small gc_malloc_uncollectable() objects that
all point to nodes in the same large tree is not a problem.

[ note that this is now with the default free space divisor, so we
should be using the normal code path ... however, I've not upgraded
libgc as 6.3 is still the most recent version available in Debian ]

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