[Gc] (more) Problems on mac

Stephane Epardaud Stephane.Epardaud at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Jul 12 01:02:01 PDT 2005


Thanks for the answer. I'm now trying with GC_malloc(1024) and it's still
growing in size (according to ps), but I've attached the output from
GC_PRINT_STATS and GC_DUMP_REGULARLY set to 1, and I see nothing wrong with it
as far as I understand, it seems the GC is not growing ... so why is ps
reporting that my process grows continually ?

Hans Boehm wrote:
> It sounds like something is still seriously wrong here.  Does it also
> grow with smaller objects (say 1K)?
> If so, the next step would be to look at GC_PRINT_STATS and
> I'm still trying to find some time to get another gc7 release out.  There
> are some pending patches.
> Hans
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