[Gc] strange problem: GC needs manually calling to GC_gcollect()?

Zhang Le 69dbb24b2db3daad932c457cccfd6 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 13:38:55 PDT 2005

  I'm trying using GC (6.5) in a C project, and find some problems.
  My project is a tree search algorithm. GC_MALLOC() is the only GC
function besides GC_INIT() used in my program. I also use a hash table
and linked list which are managed properly with malloc/free.
 When running the core routine of my program for many iterations,
which involves lots of GC_MALLOC, my program stops at an assertion

test_viterbi: viterbi.c:1873: create_node: Assertion `U1 == parent->U' failed.

The corresponding code is:
=== code begin ===
viterbi_tree_node_t* create_node(viterbi_tree_node_t* parent, int state,
    int L, int order) {
    int i;
    viterbi_tree_node_t* node;
    viterbi_tree_node_t* p1 = parent;
    double** U1 = 0;

    if (parent) {
(1)            U1 = parent->U;

  (2)   node = (viterbi_tree_node_t*)GC_MALLOC(sizeof(viterbi_tree_node_t));
    if (parent)  {
 (3)      assert(U1 == parent->U);
=== code end ===
at (1), I save the U array of node parent in U1.
then at (2), make a call to GC_MALLOC to allocate a new node
But at (3), I find the parent node's U field changes (to zero), which
is different from the saved pointer  at (1), and cause an assert

It's quite strange to me. And it seems during the GC_MALLOC call, GC
wrongly clear the memory of the parent node which is allocated by
earlier call to this function and is still in use. Why?

I try to run GC_gcollect(void) every 10 calls to my core routine, and
the problem solves. However, the same problem occurs when I run
GC_gcollect(void) every 30 or more calls to my core routine. My
program uses little memory, and I'm sure I'm not running out of

Any tips?

Zhang Le

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