[Gc] Difference between version 6.1 and latest which is 6.4

Hans Boehm Hans.Boehm at hp.com
Sun Jun 19 15:23:19 PDT 2005

I can't immediately think of a reason for that.  If it's easy to do,
you might try 6.5 as well, though I'm not sure why it would help.
I also don't recall other similar issues being reported.

Under Windows, the root scanning code was changed to scan only from
MEM_IMAGE mappings.  This should be enough to catch dynamic library data,
or at least so we believe.  If you were relying the collector tracing from
other kinds of memory mappings, that might explain the problem.
If that is indeed the issue, it would be good to understand it better.

If all else fails, there are some hints for tracking down premature
deallocation issues at



On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Emmanuel Stapf [ES] wrote:

> I'm upgrading my application so that it uses the more recent version 6.4 but when
> I use it, I'm getting very strange memory corruption. Any help for debugging is
> appreciated.
> Here are some info about my configuration of the GC:
> - The platform is Windows XP Pro.
> - ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS is not defined (I'm simply hand editing NT_MAKEFILE to get
> rid of its definition)
> - I'm calling GC_register_displacement (8)
> - I'm simply calling GC_malloc, GC_malloc_atomic, GC_realloc and
> GC_register_finalizer
> I've enabled the assertions to see if I was getting something before the actual
> crash, but nothing.
> To summarize, with 6.1 it works great, with 6.4 it does not.
> Thanks,
> Manu
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