[Gc] NetBSD/Sparc

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Mar 23 06:29:05 PST 2005

Boehm, Hans wrote:

>I have a different patch in my tree that uses machine/frame.h
>instead of sparc/frame.h on NETBSD.  Do those point to the
>same place?  If so, I'll use the current patch, since it seems
>marginally cleaner and shorter (FREEBSD and NETBSD are the same).
>If not, let me know, and I'll use this patch.
According to the user who submitted the patch to the ECL mailing list...

	[...]on sparc64 (which is my machine) machine/frame.h
	includes sparc/frame.h, and on sparc (32bit that is)
	machine/frame.h is exactly sparc/frame.h itself.
	If it matters, I'm running NetBSD 2.0.

Jachym Holecek (whom can be contacted at freza at psi.cz) would gladly do further testing of the garbage collector on this platform, if required.



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