[Gc] Incremental collection in gcj?

kus Kusche Klaus kus at keba.com
Wed May 25 06:15:21 PDT 2005

I tried to run a gcj-compiled program with incremental gc.
It failed with a SIGSEGV in GC_restart_handler,
executed in a signal handling context within a sigsuspend.

Without GC_ENABLE_INCREMENTAL, the same program works fine.

My platform is Linux, i686, posix threads, gcc 3.4.3.

What's the state of incremental boehm gc for gcj?
I was unable to find a definite word about it.
Is it expected to work?
Is it a known bug being worked on?
Doesn't it work by design?
Any hope for the future?

Are there any other incremental / generational gc's for gcj
(to reduce non-responsive times due to gc)?

Please reply directly, I'm not subscribed.


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