[Gc] porting to OSE

Christopher Inacio cinacio at mac.com
Sat Nov 26 12:51:40 PST 2005


	I've been reading through the various bits of documentation and  
code, and I would like to port the library to OSE.  I've used it  
previously with GCJ on Linux.  It doesn't seem like it should be that  
difficult to implement on OSE.  I already know enough of the low  
level internals, and low level calls to get all of the various  
process information bits to do the sweep & mark operations.  OSE also  
has a handy "stop" call which stops a process which can then be  
restarted with "start".  I'm not worried about the fundamental calls  
to implement the system; but I'm not exactly sure at this point how  
they would fit in.

Can somebody point me to a porting guide, (maybe one of the papers I  
didn't read,) to help me along.  Otherwise, I need to understand  
enough of the internals to understand where the OS hooks get placed  
into the library in order to walk across all the process/threads to  
do the marking of the blocks.

I also have one last question about blocks of memory that are  
allocated in the application and then passed into the kernel.  The  
application doesn't have to keep track of these blocks in all cases;  
the kernel in some cases will make some type of call back with the  
block address included and which point the application can free the  
block.  This wouldn't get captured in the marking process --- is  
there a provision for this?

Chris Inacio

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