[Gc] frame buffer recognition / windows ME

grischka grishka at gmx.de
Tue Nov 29 11:03:13 PST 2005

>From REAME.changes - Since 6.3:
 - Removed GC_IGNORE_FB frame buffer recognition, and replaced
   it with a check that the mapping type is MEM_IMAGE.
   In theory, this should work much better, but it is a high
   risk change for win32....  
dyn_load.c: GC_register_dynamic_libraries
&& buf.Type == MEM_IMAGE) {  

This seems to break on windows ME. I found that VirtualQuery returned 
always MEM_PRIVATE. in buf.Type for data mem. Accordingly gctest 
was crashing reliably as no data pages were added to the roots set. 
(Or was it meant as ... && buf.Type != MEM_IMAGE ? Did not test on 

--- grischka

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