[Gc] [patch] Adding GNU/Hurd platform

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon Oct 17 13:18:36 PDT 2005

I think that by just defining GC_GNU_THREADS, you are effectively
getting a single-threaded build, since none of the code recognizes
GC_GNU_THREADS.  To really add thread support, there is a fair amount of
additional required work.  Your best bet would be to grep for
GC_LINUX_THREADS through the source, and do something analogous.  In
most cases, I expect it would suffice to recognize the two as
synonymous; but there will probably be one or two differences that


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> Hi,
> gc-6.5 (what's in Debian currently) builds fine and passes 
> both tests on GNU/Hurd with the attached patch.  Not being 
> familiar with gc, is there anything else we should look at/port?
> cheers,
> Michael

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