[Gc] libgc does not use pkgconfig

inkblotter inkbottle at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 12:45:53 PDT 2005

The inkscape project uses libgc in its Scalable Vector Graphics editor.
A constant issue on the mailing list and IM is how do one build inkscape 
with libgc if one has installed libgc in, say, /usr/local/...  or some 
other non-standard place?

The inkscape editor uses more than 16 different libraries external to 
itself.  All of these libraries use pkgconfig and users rarely have 
problems with these packages (libcairo, libglitz. libgtk, libglib, lib 
gtkmm. libglibmm, libsvg, libsig++ etc). Only libgc does not provide a 
pkconfig .pc file.  Is it possible for you to add such functionality to 
a later release?



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