[Gc] libgc does not use pkgconfig

Petter Urkedal petter.urkedal at nordita.dk
Sun Sep 4 09:58:42 PDT 2005

On 2005-09-03, inkblotter wrote:
> The inkscape project uses libgc in its Scalable Vector Graphics editor.
> A constant issue on the mailing list and IM is how do one build inkscape 
> with libgc if one has installed libgc in, say, /usr/local/...  or some 
> other non-standard place?
> The inkscape editor uses more than 16 different libraries external to 
> itself.  All of these libraries use pkgconfig and users rarely have 
> problems with these packages (libcairo, libglitz. libgtk, libglib, lib 
> gtkmm. libglibmm, libsvg, libsig++ etc). Only libgc does not provide a 
> pkconfig .pc file.  Is it possible for you to add such functionality to 
> a later release?

I submitted a .pc file which is now in the few last 7.0alpha releases.
It assumes #include <gc/gc.h> rather than #include <gc.h>.  (Consistent
with projects which do not add -I/usr/include/gc to the compile flags,
but I'm not sure what is most common.)  Hope that it does the trick for
your project.


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