[Gc] 6.6 on Mac OS X 10.3.9

Cody Pisto cody at hpcs.com
Fri Sep 16 20:29:50 PDT 2005

I will look into finding an analog to /proc/<pid>/maps, as for why its 
growing, in my case, the process is growing by roughly how much im 
GC_MALLOCing in each thread, so something with the machinery involved in 
collection isnt working right. After each allocation and subsequent 
dereferencing of pointers, the stats dumped by the gc do not show a 
change in the blocks in use, static roots, total size, heap size, or 
free list. The problem doesnt occur when threads are disabled on os x, 
and the problem does not occur on linux or freebsd.

Hope that helps,


Boehm, Hans wrote:

>I think we still need to know what it is that's growing.  Does Apple
>provide any tools that allow you to display what memory regions are
>associated with a process?  I'm looking for the approximate equivalent
>of /proc/<pid>/maps on Linux ...
>Are we causing the thread library to leak thread descriptors?  I.e. are
>there threads that are being neither joined nor detached?
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>>Regarding the thread in July ((more) Problems on mac) about 
>>the gc not 
>>working properly when threads are enabled on OS X, has there been any 
>>progress on this front? I am experiencing the exact same symptoms as 
>>described in the list thread.  The process size keeps 
>>growing, but the 
>>information dumped by the GC says nothing is growing.
>>Is there any debugging info I can provide? would shell access 
>>to an os x 
>>machine help?
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Cody Pisto
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