[Gc] GC problems under FreeBSD & Cygwin

Tommaso Tagliapietra (EXT VE SYS) tommaso.tagliapietra at enel.it
Mon Sep 19 03:41:49 PDT 2005

I've compiled gc6.6 under FreeBSD 5.4 but seems to have problems when GC_gcollect works at the same time a "pthread_exit" is performed from a Thread. The same code works well under Cygwin with gc6.4 but on FreeBSD seems that all threads (the main thread too) stops to work and do not return the control to the user.

I've configured the library with:

    ./configure --enable-shared --enable-threads=pthread --enable-parallel-mark

Another problem appears when I make my executable. If I link the application only with -lgc, my application stops returning a message like that: "Bad call ....". Otherwise if I use "-lpthread -lgc" everything works well (?) ... but I don't know if those are problems about my application or some strange work of FreeBSD. However I've seen a warning message during configuration that tell me that under FreeBSD libgc does not provide full threads support.

Under Cygwin I've other problems on gc6.4:

    - when GC_pthread_detach works at the same time of
      GC_pthread_create application stop. To resolve 
      this problem I've used a mutex to exclude the 
      execution at the same time. Under FreeBSD there
      isn't this problem. Can be a problem of libgc or
      it's normal this behaviour?

Can anyone help me?
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