[Gc] NetBSD pthreads support

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Sep 28 12:45:12 PDT 2005

Thank you.  I just now finally got a chance to look at it.

I think I'm fine with all of the changes, except probably the
introduction of GC_restart_ack_sem.  This looks like it's trying to fix
a possibly generic race condition, perhaps the one pointed out in the
thread "race condition when restarting threads", started by Ben Maurer
on July 3?

Are you sure this is still necessary in 6.6?  If so, is there any reason
to believe this is NetBSD-specific?

If it really is NetBSD-specific, I think it requires an explanatory
comment.  If not, I would really like to deal with the underlying


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> Oops, This is the really correct patch.
> Sorry.
> On 2005/09/13, at 21:57, Tatsuya BIZENN wrote:
> > I made a patch for gc6.6 to suppot NetBSD pthreads.
> > Make check success all,  and I use this patch
> > on Gauche scheme interpreter.  It seems to work nicely.
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> Tatsuya BIZENN

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